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Our Mission

VIZON's commitment is to democratise access to quality data for individuals, organisations, social communities and investors in emerging and fast developing markets on the African continent.



We trust and hold our people accountable


Solid industry ethics are of the core of our work


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Our Promise Of Excellence

At VIZON Research Limited, we work with the sharpest and brightest minds. Our teams are made of people with a zest for life, passion for their work and a drive to understand the world around us through the data we gather.

In delivering the highest standards of quality to the company and our clients, we show up each day with these core values at the heart of our work;






Self Leadership

Strong Corporate Governance

The Impact We Deliver

Through the data VIZON provides, our clients are able to make high quality decisions that enables them meet their KPIs and puts them far ahead of the competition.

Total revenue growth

Indepth market knowledge 

Real time industry insights

Increased brand awareness

Project monitoring and evaluation

Constant competitive advantage

Improved consumer affinity

Lengthened sales cycle

Business process improvement

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