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VIZON is committed to supporting causes and interventions that promote a greener, safer world. It is our policy to provide a safe and healthy work place, protect the environment, and conserve energy and natural resources in a way that ensures the sustainability of our planet. We do so by adhering to the following principles;

  • adopting a recycle, reuse and recover model in our operation as needed

  • integrating the consideration of the impact of activities on the environment in our business operations as required

  • promoting energy, water and other natural resources efficiency in utilization

  • educating, training and informing all stakeholders within the company, as applicable, on the importance of environmental protection and planet preservation as affects their work through signposts and workshops

  • complying with applicable environmental regulations and sustainability commitments as affects our operations

  • Integrating a programme of continuous improvement by reviewing our Environmental Management System and related objectives and targets, policies and practices





Reviewed: August 2023

As required, this policy will be reviewed on a regular basis to evaluate continued relevance and to monitor compliance.

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