Introducing the VIZON Omnibus Surveys!

At VIZON Research Limited, we are dedicated to continuously creating services that meet our clients' every research needs. And so, we are excited to introduce to you our Omnibus Package, which allows you carry out in-depth market surveys specific to your areas of interest, all over Africa, with a flexible budget.

VIZON Omnibus provides fast answers to your immediate questions on consumer segments, demographic profiling, income distribution and more, all based on the direct insights from your target respondents.

The Omnibus is perfect for speedy target market profiling, market sizing, price point calibration, opinion polls, rapid impact evaluations, pre and post project assessments, alternatives auditing, and for distilling quick reactions to topical issues or market activities.                

Our package offers 24-hour fieldwork, Face to Face (CAPI), Telephone (CATI) interviews and targeted, multi-mode approaches and international coordination services to a sample size of 15,000 respondents providing you with high quality market insights in just 4 weeks, on a flexible payment plan.

As well as offering high data quality standards on many socio-demographic criteria, you get to decide the particular questions you want answered, and even the cities across Africa you would want them asked. With our strict data check policy, you are assured to achieve representativeness of all relevant segments.

The downloadable brief detailing the package is available here. Our service personnel are always available for any questions or clarifications concerning this package, or any of our services. To get started call us on +2348182071037 or email

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