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Opinion Poll: 73% of population vote for Remote Work

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

As countries around the world relax their COVID restrictions and businesses return to normal, recent data shows that employees are willing to keep their current work routine as a way to increase productivity and job satisfaction.

Photo credit: IEEE

In a digital poll conducted by VIZON, 73% of employers and employees chose to retain the new normal where individuals are empowered with the flexibility to decide which environments they want to work in as long as they deliver high performance on the job.

Of the 27% who voted to return fully to pre-COVID office setting; 98% work in mid-level management positions with a large concentration in Logistics and FMCG jobs.

Of the 73% who chose to continue remote work; 69% are professionals in blue collar fields such as Technology, Banking, Consulting and Human Resources, while 41% of the sample size are entry to executive level employees.

With corporate dynamics rapidly changing post COVID, the burning concern among People Managers has been with preserving what was once known as company culture.

Most HR executives surveyed have strong opinions on the impact of virtual meetings and minimal physical contact on staff loyalty, engagement and work place friendships. Zoom fatigue and the quality of technology; from buffering internet connections to fuzzy videos and inaudible presentations, are a few of the reasons they advocate for a return to physical meetings at the office. Even if only 50% of the workforce come in per time.

As markets continue to bounce back, individuals and organizations who have made significant savings on their rental and operational cost as a result of having fewer people utilizing office facilities state that remote work just may be a part of their modus operandi for the foreseeable future. The key question for People Managers is now to figure out how to build strong organizational cultures around flexible hybrid virtual work options.

Other data from surveys conducted show the impact on job satisfaction for those working out of office;

  • 81% of employees say that the option to work remotely would make them more likely to recommend their company to job candidates and prospects.

  • 74% of employees say that a remote work option would make them less likely to leave their company.

  • 72% of talent professionals agree that work flexibility (which includes remote work options) will be very important for the future of HR and recruiting.

  • 83% of workers, remote or on-site, say that a remote work opportunity would make them feel happier at their job. (LinkedIn)

Our biggest takeaway from this report is this: COVID has changed the course of world for a lifetime. If you are considering hiring teams or taking on your first job opportunity, it's important to keep the stats above in mind. The working world is evolving and those who embrace flexibility stand a greater chance of long term success.

At VIZON Research Limited, we believe thriving virtual work experiences are built on the foundations of transparency and trust, and we will continue to champion these values with our teams and clients now and into the future.

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