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Nigeria Economic Outlook: Post Elections 2023

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Nigeria Macro Outlook Post Elections

We are delighted to announce our latest report: Nigeria Economic Outlook Post Elections 2023.

Nigeria's much awaited elections have been held and with the courts awash with petitions of electoral malpractices, corruption by the regulation body INEC and voter suppression by the ruling political party; organizations and investors have got this critical question on their minds "What Next for The World's Largest Black Country?"

In this report we focus on the economic and business issues as they affect key sectors of the nation. Our publication highlights the global prospects in relation to regional and domestic outcomes.

We explore post electoral reforms urgently needed to drive domestic productivity and initiatives to position the Nigerian capital market as an engine to power the holistic and inclusive development of the African ecosystem; we suggest untapped growth opportunities in six (6) major sectors and list measures for governance transparency, long-term sustainability, and more.

Click HERE to download the Nigeria Economic Report!



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